Strategy, Outreach, Events, Fundraising, Planning and Scholarships


Media, Operations Outreach and Fundraising

Canada Dream Magazine

Website, Spiritual, Ottawa Scholarships, Events

Assistant Secretary

Finance , Events, Fundraising

CBET Advisors

  1. Dr. Abdul Hannan, Retired, Professor and Advisor, Centre for Genetics and Inherited Diseases, Taibah University, Saudi Arabia
  2. Dr. Irfan Butt, Asst. Professor, Management Science, Ryerson University, Canada
  3. Dr. Faisal Arif, Manager, Human Resources Development, Federal Govt, Canada
  4. Dr. Majeed Muzakir, Family Physician, Ottawa
  5. Zainal Abedin Chowdhury, CPA, CMA, Senior Consultant at RCGT Consulting

CBET Accountant

  • Akkas Ali. CMA, Canadian Federal Govt Officer

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