Media, Communication, Scholarships


Spiritual, Finance, Scholarships

Director & President

Strategy, Community Outreach, Fundraising & Media

Director & General Secretary

Fundraising, Media & Community outreach


Media (CanadianDream magazine) & Fundraising

CBET Advisors

  1. Dr. Abdul Hannan, Retired, Professor and Advisor, Centre for Genetics and Inherited Diseases, Taibah University, Saudi Arabia
  2. Dr. Irfan Butt, Asst. Professor, Management Science, Ryerson University, Canada
  3. Dr. Faisal Arif, Manager, Human Resources Development, Federal Govt, Canada
  4. Dr. Majeed Muzakir, Family Physician, Ottawa

CBET Accountant

  • Akkas Ali. CMA, Canadian Federal Govt Officer

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CBET Canada Team

We are a committed team of volunteers, dedicated to achieve CBET’s primary goal of changing lives for the better by providing scholarships to students in Bangladesh with demonstrable financial needs.

Donate today.  Your generosity guarantees that our deserving students and their families will be offered a rare gift: the ability to have a choice in their education. You are invited to browse these pages and learn more about CBET and its mission.