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Our Vision at CBET is to make education equally accessible for as many students as we can in each and every district in Bangladesh as well as in Canada who are in dire need of financial assistance to continue with their education, and to convert these students into useful human resources rather than being a burden on the country.

Education is a basic right for every single citizen and CBET is there to help those students implement that basic right by providing financial assistance so they can become empowered and strive for a higher quality of living, a door that opens up limitless opportunities and possibilities.

Our mission in CBET is to help intelligent but under privileged students in Bangladesh to improve their socio economic status by providing financial assistance during the course of their education.

CBET is to advance education in Bangladesh by providing financial assistance to students which will  change their lives also make them skilled, knowledgeable and useful resources for the country.

CBET’s objective is to make education equally accessible for needy students and make them useful human resources rather than burdens on the country. We work to advance education by providing publicly available scholarships, bursaries, and other forms of financial assistance to students in Canada and in Bangladesh to be used for post-secondary education.

CBET was established in August 2012.

In March 2013 it became a Canadian Non-profit organization, Registration no: 822421-8.

CBET became a CRA approved registered Charity organization in January 2014.

CBET registration No: 80114 6101 RR0001

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