CBET Fundraising Policy and Management Procedures

Transparency and Accountability are two of the central pillars of good governance. Transparency is also a necessary precondition for the exercise of accountability since without access to clear, accurate and up-to-date information, it is impossible to judge whether the standards promised have been met.

Financial accountability and charities are often subjects of media stories that speak loudly to many stakeholders, especially the public. “Where is your money going?” – A common question always asked by the donor and the answer will help donors in their decisions.

The transparency allows the public to make decisions they see fit according to the finance reports of charities. Charities exist to provide public benefit as stated in their mission or objective.

Purpose: To outline various fundraising approaches and processes adopted by CBET.
– Accountability to our creator, the Al-Mighty God
– Accountability to Canadian Govt. by following the rules and regulations of CRA
– Accountability to CBET donors.

Policy: Any fund collected in any CBET events are deposited to an appropriate bank account.
Also no fund will be disbursed against any expenditure without pre-authorization and a valid receipt.
Fund disbursed will be by a cheque singed by two authorized directors. CBET will not disburse any fund in cash.

Fundraising Methods :
Fund Raising at CBET Monthly Gathering and CBET Activities
– Monthly collection, counting and deposit to bank
– Secretary enters donor info into the Tax software,
– Treasurer makes entry in bank deposit book

Fundraising in different Ottawa-Gatineau masjids:
Once every two to three months, CBET team, comprising few directors and volunteers
– one person speaks for few minutes and encourages Musallees to donate to CBET project.
– Displays CBET stand-up banners to motivate donors.
– The collected fund are counted, put in envelope and later on deposited to bank

Fundraising in Ramadan
– Once in a week in different majids, during Ramadan, team leader speaks for few minutes and encourages musallees to donate their Zakat/sadaqa or earning money for CBET scholarships.
– CBET also displays stand-up banners to motivate donors.
– The collected fund are counted, put in envelopes and later on deposited to bank

Fund Raising by cash and cheque
– Traditional way of receiving donations.
The cash and cheque received are put in bank as well as entered in Tax Software

CBET Pledge form and introductory Flyers
To facilitate fundraising and to make donating easy for donors
– Printed pledge forms, which are also available on-line,

Donation by On line at www.CBET.ca
CBET has set up its website to receive donations by PayPal on line donations.
Donors can donate at www.CBET.ca bu using PayPal, MC or Visa or Amex cards from anywhere in Canada.

Donation by Credit card pre-authorized auto deduction
-Pre-authorized monthly donation, but here donors’ credit card is charged.
– The process is run once in a month by the CBET Secretary.
– The donors’ data is also recorded in CBET tax software to issue tax receipts at the end of the year.

Donation via Canada helps Org and United Way
– CBET receives donations from via Canada helps Org.
– It is transferred directly by Canada helps Org to CBET bank account
– CBET also receives donations through United Way campaign.
– A good number of donors via their government jobs donate through United Way to CBET as their chosen charity.

Donation by Post Dated Cheques (PDC)
Some donors also provide a set of post-dated cheques.
According to the dates, these checks are processed by secretary / treasurer and
donors’ data is entered in tax software and cheques are deposited in bank.

Any donation CBET receives from anywhere by any method is always deposited to CBET bank account and a CRA Tax receipt issued.

Please Donate from Earning, Zakat and Sadaqa $200 to sponsor one scholarship and
change a life by giving in Education
Donate on line at www.CBET.ca by Paypal, MC, Visa or Amex.
Get Ajr from our Creator Al-Mighty God and Get a CRA Tax Receipted

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