1.  Bader Abu Zahra ,P.Eng

I believe in education. Going to university in Canada, this  changed my life. I became an engineer and was able to help many people in Saudi , Morocco , France , Germany, Palestine and finally Canada. Being a Canadian and Muslim Engineer , in 1978,   I was selected by American company to be project manager for the mechanical works for filtering and cooling Zam Zam water in Mecca. This is a proof how university education can change the life of a person.
The reason I support  CBET is because it promotes education .


  1. Michael Qaqish, City Councillor for Gloucester-South Nepean

 I would like to extend sincere congratulations to the Canada Bangladesh Education Trust (CBET) in recognition of your 4th annual fundraising dinner on October 2nd, 2016. The work you do for underprivileged scholars is inspiring. Thank you for your efforts and for a great night


  1.  Anver Malam, President, Jami Omar

Dear Dr Emdad, Br Fakhruz Zaman,

You are welcome! As I stated during your fundraising event, you are ahead of others. Those who have come from different places and have witnessed poverty first hand, cannot and should not close their eyes and forget those left behind.

Our Creator alone is able to eradicate illiteracy and hunger for a million over night. But through our hands if we start and altogether help one at a time,
surely we can make a difference. You already reached 1000 mark, 100,000 is within reach IA.


Keep doing what you doing with full sincerity…. Allah will make it grow and expand your efforts.



  1. Steve Desroches, Councillor

I know that the CBET worked diligently to organize the fund raiser and I want to commend you for your efforts to empower students in Bangladesh by providing them with scholarships to receive an education. I hope that you and the other organizers take pride in all that your initiative has accomplished to date. I am certain that the students will appreciate your generosity for years to come.


  1. Abdul Matin, Former Judge in Bangladesh. Now residing in UK

Investment in knowledge pays the best interest. I believe, CBET members and supporters will get the best reward from Allah for their investment in education/for your support to promote education in Bangladesh. You are doing an excellent job. May Allah reward you all.


  1. Qazi Mowla, Participant of the Pitha Utshab event

Thank you very much for organizing such a wonderful event with huge community participation, it was indeed a successful one. As an invitee/ participant and community member, we all witnessed your hard-work towards this successful ‘Pitha Utshab’. Thank you!


  1. Odawa Native Friendship Center

Besides providing financial assistance to financially needy but academically bright students as it’s primary mission, CBET has expanded it’s role in assisting other organizations which are serving for humanity. In July 2015 when Odawa Native Friendship Center which provides three hot meals a day, computer training, crisis and transition counselling, laundry facilities and a warm place to get shelter during the day for homeless members of our Aboriginal community, was about to close it’s doors due to funding cut from City of Ottawa, CBET board of directors came forward and donated with their personal fund for the full cost of operating the center for one full day so this organization can continue it’s operation in serving the humanity. With the help of many other organizations like CBET the Center is now fully functional as it was before.

Please click here to find out more


  1. Ahmed Ibrahim

Alsalam Alaikom Brother Emdad and respected brothers and sisters.

Elhamd Lelah for your success as with HIS mercy, HE is the source of all success and he is the Only One who can reward you and your team for the effort and dedication.

Enshaa Allah the OMA will join in future events.

Jazak Allah Khairan


  1. Yazan Nesreddin

Dear Dr Emdad and the CBET Team

Thank you for a great event and the noble community work,

and I Thank you for taking care of my children in Bangladesh

We are proud to work with CBET, and that CBET is an HCI off-shot project

Thanks for the bill,

We will proceed with payment


  1. M Jalil Marhnoujarhnouj

Assalamo alaikum wa rahmatu Allah wa barakatuh Dr. Emdad,

First of all, I would like to thank you and SNMC Team for coming to visit me this past Thursday. Masha Allah seeing so many brothers coming all the way from South Nepean to get the ajr of visiting the sick person masha Allah.

Although I started to feel a little bit better on Friday, I relapsed over the weekend, so I was not able to attend any event, even the organized by AMA.

May Allah reward you for all the hard work you do for (SNMC and CBET), masha Allah.

Jazakum Allah khairan for thinking of us.

Wa Assalam


11. Azhar, Founding President, MCC NCR

Assalam Alaikum BR. Emdad:

CBET is doing very valuable work and I am supporting it for that reason through the Ali Khan Foundation. We will send donations this year too inshallah.


12. Mostafa Haroun, Head Ottawa MAC Chapter

Assalamu Alaykum Dr Emdad

We would like to welcome you at MAC Youth centre at 1085 Grenon at Friday prayer on Nov. 23rd inshaALLAH. Did you say someone from your side can give khutbah too, any names in mind. We can ask our khateeb to focus on relevant content too inshaALLAH.

As for the annual dinner, sorry for missing it this time.