2013 Accomplishments

  • CBET achieved Charity and non-profit status.
  • First Annual fund Raising Dinner, raised over $10,000.
  • Awarded 5 Volunteer appreciation awards to community members.

2014 Accomplishments

  • Awarded 80 scholarships, each of Taka 10,000 or $150 in 16 colleges in Bangladesh.
  • Awarded 9  Appreciation awards, each $150 to Ottawa Gatineau High School Graduates

2015 Accomplishments

  • Restructured Canadian Dream e-Magazine.
  • Substantial growth in CBET mailing list.
  • Renewed tax receipt software.
  • Large turnout at 2015 CBET community Iftar – about 200 guests were present.
  • 2015 Ramadan fundraising drive was a huge success.
  • Substantial increase in online donation.
  • Established Rogers TV program “Window Bangladesh”.
  • Presence in social media, Facebook, Twitter.
  • Purchased sound system.
  • CBET BOD supported the Odawa Native Friendship Center.
  • Issuing of Community Volunteer hours for High School students.
  • Successful first ever “Pitha Utsob” community event.
  • Recognized 5 Outstanding Community Volunteers.

2016 Accomplishments

  • CBET was able to award 163 scholarships of Taka 10,000 each in Bangladesh to 34 institutions and 5 scholarships in Ottawa of $500 each.
  • Redesigned e-Magazine with hotlinks and graphics
  • Substantial growth in CBET mailing list, 1700
  • Acknowledgement letters sent to each donor
  • Renewed Tax software, Charity tool, to issue tax receipts
  • Networked by attending fundraising dinners for different organizations
  • Organized Picnic & BBQ and fun activities at Andrew Haydon park
  • Iftaar organized by directors’ personal fund at SNMC with 475 guests
  • 2016 Ramadan fundraising drive fetched over $30,000
  • Strong presence and participation in social media
  • Provides Community Volunteer hours for High School students
  • Organized Pitha festival & youth conference at SNMC
  • Rotating monthly spiritual meetings
  • Rotating board of director meetings at different residences
  • Setup Google calendar to promote CBET events
  • Automation to send email invitation to community members.