Dr. Emdad Khan

Director & President

Strategy, Community Outreach, Fundraising & Media

Fakhruz Zaman

Director & General Secretary

Fundraising, Media & Community outreach

Asma Khan


Media (CanadianDream magazine) & Fundraising

Shameem Choudhury


Director & Treasurer

CBET Executives

  • Akkas Ali, CBET Accountant. CMA, Canadian Federal Govt Officer
  • Mr Abdul Matin. CBET Scholarship Liaison Adviser for Bangladesh. Luton Borough Council Senior Officer, UK. Former Judge in Bangladesh.
  • Tawfiqul Haque, CBET University Campus Ambassador, Student Ottawa University

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CBET Canada Team

We are a committed team of volunteers, dedicated to achieve CBET’s primary goal of changing lives for the better by providing scholarships to students in Bangladesh with demonstrable¬†financial needs.

Donate today.  Your generosity guarantees that our deserving students and their families will be offered a rare gift: the ability to have a choice in their education. You are invited to browse these pages and learn more about CBET and its mission.