Does CBET issue a CRA Tax Receipt?

Yes, CBET   issues a CRA tax receipt for any donation above $20. .We already sent tax receipt for the year 2015. If you did not receive it please contact us at

How can I donate to sponsor one scholarship of $200?

Donations can be made   online by PayPal, MC, or visa at You can also post a check to CBET, 365 Stoneway Dr, Nepean On K2G 6G8 or via

Does CBET hold Annual general meeting?

2nd Annaul General meeting was held on Friday 7.30pm February 27, at 363 Antigonish ave,Ottawa, ON, K4A 0T9

Are CBET board members volunteers or they getting paid?

All CBET board members are unpaid volunteers and have no expectations to get any return of any kind for the volunteer works they do.

What are the financial resources for CBET?

CBET Funding is solely based on donations received from community members, donations from partner organizations, during monthly CBET family gatherings, annual membership fees from CBET members and funds collected during annual fund raising dinners or online donations from generous Canadians

Does CBET have any regular program where one can meet and know more about CBET?

Yes, in Ottawa CBET members meet once in a month, usually last Friday at 7.30pm in the house of one of the CBET members. It is pot luck and we invite with open heart any well wishers of CBET. If you want to be informed please subscribe to our CBET newsletter at

Does CBET have any monthly publication?

CBET publishes an eMagazine called Canadian Dream on the 3rd Friday of each month. We encourage articles for one or two pages on any topic. It is an open platform to write articles with any constructive ideas or theme. We have writers with well diversified community backgrounds. CBET encourages our youth to articles on any topics of their choice. This magazine reaches to our huge mailing lists of over 1100 and also it gets forwarded to different community newspapers.

Does CBET have any weekly newsletter for members?

CBET publishes its weekly newsletter CanadianDream on every Thursday. It has seven different sections which includes tips of the week, community news, very short paragraph with a verse or two from Holy Quran as well the program details for monthly gathering. If you want to subscribe please visit .

How many scholarships did CBET distributed so far?

Since 2013 CBET awarded 400 scholarships to needy students in Bangladesh and 20 scholarships in Canada to High School graduates from Ottawa-Gatineau area with the generous donation from the community members like you.

How many scholarship CBET is planning to award in 2019?

In 2019, CBET is planning to award 300 scholarships to needy students in Bangladesh at a cost of $200, 5 scholarships to high school graduates in the Ottawa-Gatineau area, and 1 scholarship each to a student at Carleton University, OttawaU, and Algonquin College.

How the scholarship money is delivered to students?

Cheques are issued directly under the name of the scholarship recipients and mailed to selected educational institution.