Scholarship Awarding Policies

  1. CBET Ottawa selects post-secondary educational institutions anywhere in Bangladesh in consultation with the community.
  2. Selected colleges will openly advertise in the school so that all students get equal opportunities.
  3. The institution will have a 5-member scholarship team: a) Three academic teaching staff; b) One local rep; c) One head of the institution
  4. Based on academic exam results and yearly income the local scholarship committee recommends 7-10 students to CBET Ottawa. The committee submits all documents to CBET via email.
  5. CBET Ottawa reviews and selects 5 students.
  6. CBET Ottawa sends a list of the recipients to the local school and Shurovi, Dhaka.
  7. Shurovi, Dhaka writes checks in the name of recipients (students) and sends by courier to the school.
  8. An award ceremony is arranged by the school to give scholarships and certificates to students. Additional Taka 5000 is allocated for the ceremony.
  9. School sends pictures and a report to CBET Ottawa.