About Us

Our Mission

Provide scholarships irrespective of culture, religion, or gender.

  • Award 300 + College scholarships in Bangladesh of $250 each
  • Award 300+ University scholarships in Bangladesh of $600 each
  • Award 10+ University scholarships in Canada of $1000 each
  • Award 15 + High School Graduates scholarships in Canada of $500 each

Our Vision

Make education easily accessible to orphans and needy in Bangladesh – Canada to develop contributing citizens, reduce poverty and build communities.


Our Core Initiatives

  • Award 300 Scholarship to 1st Year Public Universities students, each $600, in 4 installments, on open competition in Bangladesh for 1st degree in any subjects in Engineering, Medical, Science, Business, and Humanities to get established in life
  • Award 300 scholarships to 1st year College (grade 11 & 12 , pre-university) students, each $250 in any public College in any sub district to be able to enter public universities in Bangladesh
  • Award one student for Manitoba /BangaBandhu Center, $1,000, in Canada
  • Award 6 students 1st year/2nd Year, each $1,000/$750 in Carleton University, University of Ottawa and Algonquin College, Ottawa, Canada
  • Award 7 High School graduates each $500 in Ottawa Gatineau, Canada
Social and Community Activities:
  • Youths  Sports, Education and Fun  Program/Activities  to integrate in larger community with strong moral values to be contributing law abiding citizens
  • Family Centric ( Parent and Children): Social, health, moral, sports, community and fun  program/activities to increase family bond and integrate in the larger community

Join Our Cause

In 2023, InshaAllah CBET will award 85 university scholarships to 1st-year public university students in Bangladesh in any field of study and in any public university each Taka 36,000. such as a degree in a public university in Honors in Science, Engineering, Medical or Business studies, etc. Also, for 2021, 67 and 2022 another 82 students will be renewed for another year, also for a total of 4 years.

In colleges, CBET will award 50 colleges a total of 250 students, each taka 13,000 in any sub district anywhere in Bangladesh, In each college by the college authority will select by open competition 7 students and CBET Ottawa, Canada will select 5 students, and each student will be awarded Taka13,000 in 1st year (grade 11) Taka 6,000 and 2nd year (grade 12) after promotion taka 7,000

1st year (grade 11) college Students will apply to college authority by 16 March 2023 and college authority will apply to info@CBET.ca by 30th March 2023. Each College will get taka 5,000. 1st year public university students, please apply directly using the formal applications below to info@CBET.ca by 22nd March 2023.

The college and university applications are now posted under the scholarships tab.

CBET has achieved significant milestones in scholarships, networking events, support to non-profit organizations, and community volunteerism over the past decade.

Our Canada Team

Emdad Khan


Strategy, Outreach, Events, Fundraising, Planning and Scholarships

Fakruz Zaman


Media, Operations Outreach and Fundraising

Asma Khan

Canada Dream Magazine

Moslem Uddin

Website, Spiritual, Ottawa Scholarships, Events

Faruk Nayeem

Assistant Secretary

Finance , Events, Fundraising

Mubashsharul Islam Shafique

Vice President

Technology Services, Planning, Fundraising

CBET Advisors

Abdul Hannan

Retired, Professor and Advisor, Centre for Genetics and Inherited Diseases, Taibah University, Saudi Arabia

Irfan Butt

Asst. Professor, Management Science, Ryerson University, Canada

Faisal Arif

Manager, Human Resources Development, Federal Govt, Canada

Majeed Muzakir

Family Physician, Ottawa

Zainal Abedin Chowdhury

CPA, CMA, Senior Consultant at RCGT Consulting

CBET Accountant

Akkas Ali

CMA, Canadian Federal Govt Officer

Our Philosophy

CBET provides scholarships to deserving students in need of financial aid attending colleges and technical institutes in Bangladesh and Ottawa.

Over the last 10 years CBET offered over 3000 students in Bangladesh each $250 for pre-university grade 11 and 12 (college) students and over 300 university students each $600. Please think about sponsoring a scholarship of $250 by eTransfer to info@cbet.ca or online at www.cbet.ca.

By aiding deserving students financially, CBET strives to help them establish themselves in society and contribute to society with their earned skills and knowledge.

Frequently Asked Questions

CBET strives to give scholarships to College and University students in Bangladesh and Canada. Education is one of the greatest tools to impart moral values, and to develop a good society. CBET is there to help those students implement that basic right by providing scholarships. CBET also strives to establish a dialogue between different Bangladeshi and other Canadians in the Ottawa-Gatineau.

90% of the scholarship funding goes towards the orphan and needy scholarship program in Bangladesh. The remaining funding goes towards the financially needy scholarship program in Canada.

CBET is a CRA registered charity organization. The head office for CBET is located in Ottawa, Canada, with a branch in Dhaka. CBET represents the orphan and needy scholarship program in Bangladesh and in Canada.

CBET is guided by the following principles:

  • Honesty, Openness and Fairness
  • Accountability to Al-Mighty God
  • Canadian Statutory Authorities and CBET Community
  • Providing service to community members irrespective of faith, culture and ethnicity
  • Respecting everyone’s views, values and ideas

Scholarship recipients are selected from colleges that are from rural areas and are situated in the poverty prone areas of Bangladesh. Students are selected by a committee consisting of 5 members of CBET through a transparent and reliable process. This process emphasizes students who are orphans or are less financially capable, as well as demonstrate good results in academic examination. The final decision to select scholarship recipients is made by the CBET board members in Ottawa.

By the grace of the Almighty and with the help of our donors, CBET awarded scholarships to 335 students from 67 different Bangladeshi colleges in 2020. From each college, 5 students were nominated. Each scholarship was worth $200.00.

CBET also awarded 20 scholarships to university students in Bangladesh who are attending Medical school, Engineering, Agriculture, Law, Social Science, and Business programs. Each scholarship was worth $300.00.

Here in Canada, CBET awarded scholarships to five graduating students from five different high schools in Canada. Each scholarship was worth $500.00.

In 2020, CBET also awarded scholarships to the University of Ottawa and Carleton University. Each scholarship was worth $750.00.

CBET’S total investment in education for 2020 was $77,000.00.

Your generous donations have numerous positive impacts on the students that receive them, some of which include:

  • Students learning capacities have developed in terms of the quality of education and participation opportunities in different competitive exams.
  • Students can take coaching and give tuition fees regularly.
  • Parents, guardians, and local community people become more aware of the program and its ultimate objectives. Many assure to follow up their future course of actions, and assist more students’ education if required.
  • Decreased gender discrimination in line with educational opportunity as the project emphasized female students as its primary stakeholders.
  • Reduced Early Marriage
  • Decreased risk of dropout from education

Not at all! CBET scholarships are awarded irrespective of religious faith or gender. And for students here in Canada, they need not be Bangladeshi either.

To send the money to the students, cheques are issued in the name of selected students and mailed to the selected institution principal. An award ceremony takes place to hand over scholarship cheques at the institution in the presence of local dignitaries, local press, school staff, and families of nominated students.

CBET has a wide array of fundraising avenues where you can donate money if you wish to do so. These fundraising activities include:

  • Online Fundraising – You can donate online at www.cbet.ca using PayPal, credit, or debit card. You can also donate to CBET at https://www.canadahelps.org, where CBET is a registered charity. We can also be found on Launch Good and GoFundMe.
  • Donation Via E-Transfer – Donations via e-transfer can be made to info@cbet.ca. You can also mail a cheque donation to 365 Stoneway Drive, Nepean ON, K2G 6G8.
  • Fundraising at Friday Prayer collections
  • Fundraising via Text – Text “Give” to (613) 903-8343 and follow the prompts.
  • Fundraising via App – Available on the Google Play Store
  • Annual Fundraising Dinner – Each year, CBET holds a fundraising dinner to display its achievements of the year to the community. It is also an excellent opportunity to help many more students in need.

CBET Funding is solely based on donations received from community members. These donations come from collections at various mosques during Ramadan and Friday prayers, Annual Bazar and Food festivals as well as the annual fundraising dinner, and finally continuous online fundraising throughout the year.

Yes! For any donation over $20, donors will receive a tax receipt. These receipts are issued annually approximately during February. Starting from this year, CBET has begun to use Charity Tool to effectively manage its donations and finances.

CBET is run and managed by its board members in Ottawa who are unpaid Volunteers.

Yes! At CBET, we believe credibility and reliability are among the most important attributes of a successful charity. Currently, we constantly practice internal auditing, with the CBET Team actively working to assure quality control for CBET operations and documents, with support from volunteers. To meet the requirements of new CRA regulations, CBET will soon hire an external auditor as well.

There are many ways that you can connect with us! Here are the main ones:

  • CBET Website
  • CBET eNewsletter
  • CBET eMagazine – To view CBET’s professional eMagazine, visit Canadian Dream.
  • CBET YouTube – There is a considerable amount of CBET content on the channel Just Beautiful Media.
  • CBET Facebook & Twitter Pages – To connect with CBET on social media, follow CBET on Facebook and Twitter.

To learn more about the details of CBET, feel free to take a look at the AGM Reports found on the home page of this website.

It is very easy to get involved with CBET, and we are always welcoming new dedicated and hard-working volunteers! Just send us an email at info@cbet.ca  to express your interest to volunteer and our board members will assign you volunteer works of your interest.

There are plenty of ways youth can get involved with CBET. Apart from volunteering and directly working for CBET, there are many engaging activities youth can participate in. At each monthly gathering, CBET hosts a quiz competition with prizes for the top placing competitors, as well as public speaking opportunities to promote public speaking and leadership. CBET also created an event called “Ottawa’s Smartest Person Junior” in order to further immerse the youth. The event was designed with activities such as sports, face painting, math, spelling contests, and of course socializing with friends and families.

With grants received from the federal government, CBET hires two students each year to gain valuable work experience.

Please send an email to info@cbet.ca with the name of your college, and the email address of your college and principal. The CBET team will send an application package to your college to initiate the process.

You can download the CBET University Scholarship application form directly from our website at www.cbet.ca and apply directly to info@cbet.ca.

Please tell your high school to send an email to info@cbet.ca requesting to apply for the program. Your school will decide whether or not you are a needy student. Then, the cheque will get mailed to your school and will be awarded during your high school graduation ceremony.

The first step when applying for university or colleges in Canada is to select which institution you will be applying to. There are many different options, and it is important that you compare different programs from different universities before makes a decision. UniversityStudy.ca is an excellent resource for this.

Once you select the institution and program you wish to apply for, you need to prepare an application and submit it directly to the university. The details of this process are dependent on the university you choose, so it is important you visit the university’s website to get all of the required application material.

Please visit canadiandream.cbet.ca and click on the “Subscribe Now” button located at the bottom of the screen.

Please visit canadiandream.cbet.ca to read our newsletter or visit the CBET Facebook page.

CBET Ottawa selects the scholarship recipients and instructs Surovi in Bangladesh to distribute scholarships directly to the bank account of students in Bangladesh.
CBET hired Surovi in Bangladesh to disburse scholarships and communicate with colleges and University students.