Who we are

Established in August 2012 by Ottawa Gatineau Bangladeshi Canadian community .

CBET is a CRA registered charity (801146101 RR0001 since 2014) organization,  supports orphans and needy College and Public university students in Bangladesh (90%)  with sound academic records and Ottawa Gatineau High school and University students (10%)  to help them to establish themselves in the society to become contributing citizens.

CBET organizes monthly events for youths and families to get integrated in society as contributing Canadians with strong moral and ethical values.

CBET is run by a set of volunteers in Canada and Bangladesh and encourages diversity and inclusiveness.

We welcome everyone to be part of the CBET community.

Please contact us by email to info@CBET.ca or by phone at 613-725-5926.

What we do?

1) Award 300 1st Year Public Universities students, each $500, in 4 installments, on open competition in Bangladesh for 1st degree in any subjects in Engineering, Medical, Science, Business, and Humanities to get established in life
2) Award 300 1st year College (grade 11, pre-university) students, each $200 in any public College
 in any sub district to be able to enter public universities  in Bangladesh
3) Award one student for Manitoba /BangaBandhu Center, $1,000, in Canada
4) Award 6 students 1st year/2nd Year, each $1,000/$750 in Carleton University, University of Ottawa and Algonquin College, Ottawa, Canada
5) Award 7 High School graduates each $500 in Ottawa Gatineau, Canada
Social and Community Activities:
1) Youths  Sports, Education and Fun  Program/Activities  to integrate in larger community with strong moral values to be contributing law abiding citizens
2) Family Centric ( Parent and Children): Social, health, moral, sports, community and fun  program/activities to increase family bond and integrate in the larger community
Our philosophy
By aiding deserving students financially, CBET strives to help them establish themselves in society and contribute to society with their earned skills and knowledge.
Donate to a scholarship
  1. A scholarship can be a tribute, a testament, or a torch to inspire.

  2. A scholarship is a chance.

  3. A scholarship can help fund a dream.

  4. Your gift is a lasting legacy for the future of Bangladesh.

  5. We are all stakeholders in that legacy.